Nashville: Short and Sweet

Back in July, mother of God that seems like ages ago, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to see my adorable friend Salaway.  He had to work during the day so I was forced to find my own entertainment during the day.  This being said, I had no vehicle, and didn’t want to spend too much money.  So if you find yourself in Nashville here’s what I did, on the cheap.

Caught Pokemon

This may not be relevant by the time you read this, but it was actually super helpful and hilarious.  Alright, hear me out, Pokestops are landmarks and because of this I was lead to random places that I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered.  There are short and funny little descriptions of places as well so it’s really a learning experience. Not only that but I also made friends with the barista at my coffee shop and the staff of a museum through explaining to them how to play the game.  If it weren’t for that I would have just put on my headphones and kept my head down.



Can you say tourist trap?  Ugh, we went during the evening and it was just filled to the brim with tourists.  I’m not the biggest fan of that, but I trusted Salaway enough to not fuck me over.  We walked up and down, popped into a bar, had a drink, and listened to some live country music.  Now I am probably the biggest hater of country music, but even I enjoyed myself.  It was a helluvah experience to say the least.  I mean there were people everywhere with cowboy hats and boots and it was prime people watching.


The Pantheon

Don’t hate me, but this place had so many Pokestops!  Anywho, this was a replica of the building by the same name in Greece.  The park surrounding it was super lovely with nice paths for bikers and runners.  I’d suggest walking around, grabbing a snack, and sitting in the grass and relaxing in the sun and trying to take over the gym.  All the people in this photo were definitely playing Pokemon, I know because we chatted with them about it.  But really, if that’s not your thing, just walk around and feed the birds.

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Frist Center of Visual Arts

I didn’t have a car so I was able to make it from this museum to downtown with a short walk.  While I was there tickets were quite cheap, especially if you have your student ID with you, I know I use mine even though I graduated.  While I was there there was a car and motorcycle exhibit which was freaking sweet, considering I know nothing about cars and I enjoyed myself. The staff was ridiculously friendly and helpful, even gave me some food recommendations.

Made friends at the Frist
Made friends at the Frist

Shows Off Broadway

Salaway guest played for one of his friends from school at a bar off Broadway.  It was really inspiring to see people living out their musical dreams.  I did see some real country music while on Broadway, but it was great to see people my age doing music, but be careful, the drinks are excessively overpriced even off Broadway.  I’m so used to my super cheap liquor in Wisconsin, you know?  But catch some live music, there’s sometimes cover fees, but that’s probably more on the weekends.  So many talented musicians in one place, it would be a shame to not catch a live show!

Record Shops

There are so many and the one I went to was called Grimey’s New & Preloved Music and it was a record lovers wet dream.  So many new and used  vinyl and CDs and there was a book store and coffee shop on the other side.  Also if you go into the back room there are some absolute gems.  My god, go and spend all your money and then cradle your treasures on the way home.


These were the highlights of my rather short trip, but don’t forget to grab some southern comfort food while you’re there.  I mean sadly Salaway is a vegetarian (I still love you don’t worry) so I didn’t get to have BBQ, but I’ll forgive him because the next time I go, I’m going to eat so much BBQ.  Biscuits and gravy was almost comparable.  So go, scoop up some super cheap tickets from Frontier airlines and explore a musically inclined city.

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