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Have you gotten the vibe that I may or may not be obsessed with Halloween?  I totally dyed my hair to match my Halloween costume, which you will be seeing soon enough, don’t worry it will all make perfect sense.  This dress was purchased for all year wear, not just for October.  Thank goodness H&M restocked this wonderful little piece because I’m in love.  I do wish the back had the skeleton printed on it as well, but then maybe my booty wouldn’t look as slammin’.

The denim jacket, for those who were curious was hand studded by me while watching Braveheart in its entirety.  My younger brother studded a leather jacket which was much more difficult than doing denim.  The spikes were able to be pushed through the fabric with little to no effort.  If you have a rainy afternoon I highly recommend doing a bit of studding, it can be a great way to spice up an old jacket that isn’t getting much love.  I literally just bought a cheap jacket from Goodwill and you can order studs online for cheap.

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