I Eat Mice










I literally wanted to steal these leggings, but they were a size too big and kept sort of sliding down.  They are actually Black Milk leggings, a company based in Australia.  They’re amazing quality, but they also cost an arm and a leg.  I didn’t get a super close up detail, but these are called I Eat Mice leggings because of the snakeskin pattern.

What was funny about this outfit is it’s more covering than my bikini, which I’ve worn in public on countless occasions, but having my thighs on display was a bit unnerving.  Why is that?  What made this outfit, something that isn’t too scandalous by my standards *cough* Pitchfork outfits *cough*  It makes me sad that even though I am very confident in myself, this look was nerve wracking.  Tell me about an outfit that made you feel nervous because it felt too scandalous because of societies standards.  What did you do to get past it?  I just got a drink, flung off my cardigan and showed off how great my bum looked.

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