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Yesterday was kind of sad, my dad left for Pakistan and it’s always sad to see someone you love go on a journey.  But that means my mother and I got to have a bit of a girls day.  Ran to Goodwill so she could get some costume pieces, and I went to find some new mom jeans.  I’m kind of feeling bigger denim because it allows for a bit of pudge when I inhale plates of nachos.  I didn’t get pictures of my outfit from last night, but I’ll be sure to recreate it this week and get some photos.

This look was inspired by witches and Wednesday Addams.  Honestly, I am Wednesday Addams so I consider this my homage and modern version of her look.  It’s a little less Halloween, and a little more high fashion.  Do you have outfits that make you feel like a character from your favorite show or movie?  Sometimes I feel like I’m channeling my inner Wednesday, but most days I’m Tina Belcher.

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