Grow a Pair










This is an older outfit, but I wanted to post this now because this jacket has my favorite message “Grow a Pair.”  I believe it was Betty White who said something along the lines of, “Why do people say, ‘Grow some balls?’ Balls are weak and sensitive.  If you really want to be tough, grow a vagina, those things take a pounding!”  I feel this is the most succinct way of saying that quote.  Next time you’re feeling angry, tell someone to “Grow a uterus” because let’s be honest, those things cause more pain than anything else in the world.  This jacket was purchased from Valfre, and the artist has some very wonderful artwork and apparel.  This is the same artist who did the “Beat it Creep” shirt that I have as well.  I would recommend going to check out their website!

A bit off topic, this outfit would have been great if the liner of the dress wasn’t so short.  I kept sliding up over my bum, so it was basically useless.  Every time I tried to walk somewhere it would slide up.  I’m debating whether I should just remove it or not, because it is a rather sheer dress. If you’ve had a similar issue, what have you done when your dresses lining doesn’t fit?

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