Sick Of Men










When your boo is in love with your booty and your blog photographer, you end up with a handful of pictures of you walking away.  As someone who appreciates all booty and knows my blog readers feel the same way, I will share them with you.  This romper is definitely designed to accentuate the booty, I love it so much.  Only downside is the pleather makes it pretty sweaty.

I’ve worn this look quite a few times, but only finally was able to capture it.  This romper was something I bought from H&M in Hongdae, and it’s one of the greatest and most evil pieces.  The metal that goes around your neck is absolutely frigid in the winter, but at the same time the pleather is well-lined and keeps you toasty.

Love the shoes?  They were a collaboration between Jeffrey Campbell x Black Milk.  The print is called Sick of Men and the style of shoe is called Back Off.  The message is clear.  They’re about six inches high and as I was running around my boo was concerned I would die.  Thank you for your concern babes, but let’s be honest, I’d die fabulous, I’m not even mad.

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