Tartan Prince






Probably the last time I can rock this outfit for a few months.  Cold weather is here and this look is basically a blast from the past.  To wear this in cooler weather I would recommend tights, or thigh high socks, and add a long cardigan or trench on top rather than the open maxi dress.  Then of course you throw your parka on top and you can’t even tell that you’re wearing anything cute underneath.  I think that’s the real struggle of having cold winters is the fact that you have to wear a heavy jacket and try to fit your outfit underneath.

I love this look because it makes me want to be back at a music festival. The skirt can be swapped out for virtually any bottoms and this look would still work.  So if you love crop tops, try mixing a long top like I did with this open dress, or do a kimono, cardigan, or trench coat.  By mixing the long and the short you can vary your bottoms without looking top or bottom heavy.

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