Snowfall, More Like No-Fall

Snowy days when you’re trapped inside are better when you’re sick, because then it doesn’t feel like you’re wasting time.  This outfit is actually an older one, but we decided to shoot in the fresh snow to get out of bed for a bit.  You can only watch Netflix for so long before your brain hurts.  We were mixing it up enough that we weren’t completely bored, but it is nice to go out and do stuff on occasion.

I love this look, I wore it for an interview at Free People.  It was a good balance of fashionable and professional.  I admit wearing this jacket in the snow, not the best plan as it is suede, but I was inside quick enough.  Job interviews at fashion companies are a time to show your own personal style, and I felt that the jawbone choker, statement trench, and wide brimmed hat were all balanced together to give this killer look.

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