Too Cute for This Planet

First LookBook of 2017, are you excited?  I’m excited and ready to show you all the exciting outfits I will be concocting.  Since cleaning out my closet I have be introduced to pieces I forgot I had and am super stoked to bring back into my wardrobe.

Never let cold weather stop you from wearing shorts.  I only managed to get away with this because I was outside for a short period of time.  If you’re unfortunately forced to be outside for a long time, I would avoid outfits like these.  You will get hypothermia and die.  Maybe if you wore a pair of nylons underneath could keep you a little warmer.

I believe you can style all clothes all year as long as you’re clever about.  Thigh highs on top of rather  fishnet tights, sweaters on top of crop tops, and socks and sandals.  Wear layers and always throw a toasty winter coat on top.

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