Lighting is Everything

AHHHH, I feel so guilty because the quality of these pictures isn’t the greatest.  My normal photographer didn’t come with to Minneapolis so I borrowed a coworker.  Love some of the shots, but some aren’t great.  But I think you all get the gist of this look?

I’m up at a buying show for work so I went for a nice loose fitting slip dress, my brand new floral creepers from TUK, and my sequined jacket for an extra layer.  Absolutely love, love, love this necklace.  I got it back in July at Pitchfork, and all of the green pieces are actually beetle wings so they make a tinkling noise whenever you move.

Anyway, apologies for shitty lighting and not great photos, we were also super rushed.  Finished up at 5, and I post at 6.  But I love you all, there will be a Story Time Sunday, and my other two looks from this weekend will be posted next week!  *kisses*

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