Night’s Watch

It wasn’t until after all of these photos were taken that I realized how much I looked like a cast member of Game of Thrones.  I don’t know entirely how I missed it, but I felt an urge to boss people around and sentence people to death.  I was especially excited because I was able to wear my teeka for the first time, the jeweled headpiece I have on, that my dad found for me in Pakistan.  I’ve always wanted one and the gold of the teeka beautifully accented the gold of the belt of my dress.

Some woman who was working at the convention center I was at threw some serious shade at me.  I politely said “Good morning!” because I could see she was staring.  She responded by not saying anything and walking past me.  Hi, yeah, quick thing.  It’s not cultural appropriation if it’s your culture.  Thanks, bye, *mic drop*

So apparently I was looking super good this day, because a strange man at my work show decided it was appropriate to take a video of me while I was doing work at a table.  You can tell it was after this, because I was genuinely having a fun time with my heterosexual life partner, Kalia, who took these photos.  I’m going to write a longer post about the incident, because I think privacy in the age of social media is so important.

To everyone who sent me messages of concern, love, and threatened to kill, I really appreciate it.

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