Tiger Eyes

For some reason the blue in these tiger eyes was super vibrant in these photos and I’m super into it.  I recreated this outfit from last Sunday because it’s a wonderful travel outfit.  The bottom layer is a croptop that serves as a great base for the overshirt which is oversized and lets you feel comfy.  This specific combination was purchased three years ago while in Hongdae, South Korea.  It’s funny looking back because it took me a few months to feel confident enough to rock this.  The leggings, which are Black Milk Clothing, are not only comfortable as hell, but they’re fleece lined.  They may not be perfect for frigid weather, but they’re better than regular leggings.

An easy way to recreate this look at home is to wear a statement pair of leggings in combination with an oversized sheer top and either croptop, or bralette.  Balance out the tightness of the bottoms with a baggier shirt for balance.  If you try it out, tag me on Instagram!

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