Charlie Chaplin Called, He Wants his Pants Back

This outfit is a bit late, but I’m sure you all don’t mind.  I got these suspendered trousers back in high school, so they’ve definitely gotten some love. Firstly, vertical stripes make the booty pop like nobodies business, like I hope everyone owns a pair of trousers that make you go “Damn, I look good today.”  Because when everything is trash, take solace in the fact that you’re looking fine.  Suspenders are something I feel like were super popular for the “emo” kids, and then they grew up and threw the out, but I think when done with a high-waisted trouser they become super classy and I’ve honestly worn these to a wedding with a pair of heels and a nice blouse.

Monday I went to a tattoo appointment with my friend Claire, and now I am seriously itching to get inked again.  I did super well, I told myself (and my parents) that I wasn’t going to get any tattoos for a year, and I made good on that promise.  I finished my half-sleeve last January and haven’t gotten anything since.  But I think this is a year of transition and change and I feel the urge to mark the beginning of this.  What do you all think?  Well I mean I’m going to get one, but where do you think I should get tattooed, I’m a bit torn.

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