Ain’t No Wifey

Was up in La Crosse visiting my partner and I got to meet a new kitty, Irie.  While we were snapping these she decided to join in on the photoshoot.  I’m not even mad, look at that cute mug?  She was the best snuggle buddy.  This outfit is perfect for two things, meeting your partners mom for the first time, and riding in a car.  But actually I made sure to lose the hat, just in case saying outright that you don’t want to be a wife could seen as negative.

There’s something so stylish about wearing a cropped sweater with a longer dress.  I think it gives you an interesting shape, and is a nice way to be warm and snuggly while still looking good.  If you’re in a colder climate this look really can never fail, you could even opt for a longer sweater and that bottom of a bodycon skirt/dress sticking out from the bottom is super adorable when you wear thigh high socks or boots as well.

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