Breakfast Blues

Wore this for a delicious breakfast at a place in La Crosse, left plenty of room for my food baby to grow.  I would have snapped a photo, but I ate it way too fast, a common issue I have. The special was a Corned Beef Hash and it was so good and I’m so sad I can’t eat it everyday until I die.

Rompers are good for all year!  Never forget that.  This romper has a relatively thick liner to it so it actually kept me super warm even though it’s winter.  If you have a flowy romper with flowers, maybe opt to wear lots of layers beneath it.  For me I went for a turtleneck sweater, it was warm and gave a new look to a romper.  You’ve seen me wearing this earlier and I had a croptop white shirt on underneath.

I apparently have been wearing a lot of rompers lately, or maybe I’m just crazy?  Anyway, I think this outfit is super freaking great and I was super excited to wear it.  Also, shout out to the jacket I’m wearing.  Found it in a St Vinny’s and it was a steal, it’s wool, the inner lining is stunning and it’s such a great statement piece.  You haven’t seen it yet because I tend to take off my jacket before shooting to avoid having repetitive looking shots.

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