Gypsy Warrior

Have you ever looked at something online and wanted it but it was a bit too expensive?  That’s how I felt when I found this bodysuit from Gypsy Warrior.  It was a Halloween exclusive and I wanted it, but couldn’t justify that price tag.  Well, couple of months later and it hasn’t sold out, and not only that it’s on sale.  Then to top it off there’s a 40% off all items, including sale items and I finally broke down and got it.  I regret nothing.  The pattern is stunning and dramatic.

Brief funny story, this weekend I got to spend the day with my partner and some friends and it was so nice to just lay around and watch movies.  The worst part?  I forgot my damn camera.  I had a sweet outfit, I’ll be sure to capture it later, it’s better for a bit warmer weather and it was snowing all Friday.  Also, suede shorts seem like a good plane until you get swamp ass, just saying.

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