Villains Also Wear Capes

I feel so fancy in this damn cape.  It was one of the pieces my Naila Auntie sent me from Pakistan before she passed and it makes it extra special to me.  The pattern is simple yet intricate due to the embroidery and it’s just such a fun piece that I’ve been dying to style.  I went for a classier look opting for a long bodycon skirt, a sheer dress I worse as a blouse, and the bustier on top to give it more shape.  When wearing rather shapless clothing like a cape or a sack dress, try to give your waist some definition so you don’t look like a blob.  You don’t want an oversized dress and an oversized coat because you’ll look like you’re drowning.

Not going to lie, I was given one more cape from my Naila Auntie and I will be bringing it out closer to spring when it’s a bit warmer out.  What do you think of capes?  A trend you can get behind?  I mean, I feel like a badass, but maybe that’s just me.

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