Spiked and Confused

I admit that this outfit is a bit scandalous.  My skirt is short and my top is technically a bikini so it doesn’t exactly stay up.  But I look fierce as hell and that’s all that matters.  My thoughts on body parts popping out is this:  It’s a nipple, it’s a butt cheek, it’s a crotch, get over it.  Just be aware and slide your skirt back down when it rides up and avoid bending over so both boobs don’t pop out simultaneously.

If it was warmer outside I would probably opt to not wear the denim shirt.  I love everything and anything that shows off my chest piece.  The shirt at least helps to keep it a little more day casual.  I love this skirt so much, I’ve had it for so long and it still fits like a glove.  Something about a floral bodycon that I just can’t say no to.

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