Windy Days and Dad Shirts

First off let me thank Hanyu for the shoes!  She got them for me in China and they’re the comfiest damn things.  I will try to not wear them out as quickly as most of my shoes.  Beige shoes are so classy but get ruined the easiest.

I have a slight obsession with dad shirts, or Hawaiian shirts as they’re also called.  They’re so ugly and yet so amazing. This one has big pink flowers that give it a more feminine twist to an otherwise boring shirt.  I’m feeling the spring now?  Aren’t you all?  This kimono is so cute because of the simple cut-outs and oversized sleeves.  I thrifted it and haven’t seen anything like it.  I love that everything I wore has flowers incorporated in it, except the shorts, but that seemed like it would be too much.

I may not be able to post LookBooks this next week as I’m headed home, but I’ll see if I can whip something up.  Don’t miss me too much.

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