I Adopted A Kitten

I want all of you to officially meet my kitten, Duke Slagathor.  This was not a light decision that I made, I weighed the consequences, costs, and issues that could arise from adopting a small animal.  This has been something I’ve been thinking about for awhile, as I initially wanted my own dog, but couldn’t afford it, or leave the poor thing at home while away at work.  I’m now two weeks in and here’s what I’ve learned.

Having an animal that is your responsibility while working 80+ hours a week is fucking hard.  You come home and want to sit down, and instead play games and run around with your small friend so that he gets tired out enough to sleep when you sleep.  You have to make sure he doesn’t destroy the house, potty on the rugs, and is fed and healthy.  You have essentially gotten a small child.

The best part is when he sits on my stomach and purrs madly while I pet him.  When he is lonely and cries until he can come sit on the bathroom rug while I get ready in the morning.  That every time I come home I get to see something I love so much that any shitty day is instantly better.  Yes, it’s super hard, he’s still a baby at only eight weeks.  But I still love him unconditionally.  I have the honor of watching this small creature grow up into adulthood.

So why did I settle on this particular kitten and not get an older cat, which I would have preferred.  My coworker has cats, and one got pregnant and had five kittens, after a long day at work he invited my mom and myself over to have kitten snuggles, and I instantly fell in love. He had these striking eyes and was so fluffy I wanted to cry.  It has become important to me that I have the chance to raise him as my own and teach him to be the best cat he can be. As fun as it would have been to come home to an old lady cat who just wants a few pets and a snack would have been great.  But I think it’s healthy for me to have to be energetic and playful after a long day.

If you’re thinking of adopting a kitten though, be prepared.  This isn’t something to be taken lightly, it’s an animal that relies on you.  Cats are easier to travel with than dogs because they are welcome in more apartment buildings, and don’t require the constant attention puppies do.  When I’m better established and have my own space with my partner, we’d very much like to get a dog, but until then our boys are doing extra well together.  Mercury, was getting lonely and acting out, but they’re a good match for each other and play every day.

I may not have slept much this past two weeks, but I’m so happy right now.  I think getting Slag was a huge step for me as it’s something that is my sole responsibility.  Having him is a permanent therapy for me, so I don’t feel like I’m hogging Mercury.  I’m excited to see where this journey takes me, and I’m two weeks in, and things are still going very well.  Follow our journey together here on the blog, and tell me about your furry friends.  Pictures are highly recommended!

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