Red, White, and Bald

This outfit is going to be a go-to for errands this summer because it’s just perfect.  You’ve all seen this dress before, which I chose because the mesh on the chest exposes my tattoo and is the perfect amount of sexy and comfortable.  The shirt has a bandana pattern with bedazzling, my partner bought it for me at Goodwill because it was something his Grandpa would have loved.  His Grandpa passed away recently and it makes me happy that this jacket was purchased for such a lovely reason.

Because of the warmer weather I decided to have dangly earrings and some hexagon bangles to keep it cute and simple.  Necklaces just get super obnoxious and can lead to bad tan lines and sometimes sweat can make cheap jewelry turn your neck green, yuck.  I can easily switch up the shoes to literally any pair of sandals as well, keeping it versatile in its own way.

Oh, and I shaved my head. Surprise.

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