The last shot of me in a tiara is because I saw my old Pride Prom Prince crown sitting on my book shelf and decided to wear it for a minute.

On the other side of this I went for the monochromatic look for this one because I haven’t gone full black and white yet.  I usually throw in some red lipstick or a bright accessory.  In this case I went within the same color palette for everything.  White leather flats, black and white harem pants, a white top, black lipstick, and silver and black accessories.  It was exhilarating to just go for it and make the whole look work from top to bottom in the same two colors.  Even my rings are silver and black, even if we didn’t get a close up.  Even my chest tattoo poking out is black, yes! So on top of it.

Also I’m super loving this light and breezy look, if you’re not me, I would suggest throwing on a bra with this type of top if you don’t want your nips showing through, but to each their own.  I’m fulling embracing the no-bra lifestyle and refuse to go back!

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