Spicy Spice

If I were a Spice Girl, I’d be Spicy Spice.  Why?  Because I’m spicy?  I don’t know, I don’t have anything more creative to say than that.  I am super in love with this cape that I purchased in Pakistan.  The detail of the embroidery is just lovely.  To accent the colors of the stitching I decided to wear a neon sports bra with my black skirt, so it almost looks like a dress.  Then I added my neon pink lipstick and green highlight to bring out the colors as well.  When you have something very intricate, it’s great to accent pieces of it with colors or similar patterns.  My earrings for example have similar color and the shape is similar to my cape because of the tassles.  I’m really feelin’ myself in this look, it’s great for life, not great for shopping, hard to take on and off.

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