Call Me Miss Frizzle

If you didn’t watch the Magic School Bus, and don’t get the reference I made in the title of this LookBook, please go immediately and watch episode one.  This dress is basically perfect for Ms Frizzle and she would have rocked the hell out of it while going on a field trip to an art gallery.  Scooped this dress up at, you guessed it, St Vinny’s and immediately fell in love.  It has adjustable straps, and pockets, so I’m basically set for the rest of my damn life.  I’ve worn this exact outfit at least four times because it’s so simple, yet dynamic.

When rocking a print like this it’s best to avoid necklaces, as they take away from the print itself.  I thus went for some simple anatomically correct heart earrings, a stack of mismatching bracelets, and mismatching rings.  This is a fun opportunity to mix and match because the dress has so many colors that essentially any bracelets, earrings, or rings will work with it.  Then to top it off I went with my American flag Keds because they just work, and they’re great for errands, or trips to urgent care.

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