Silk Scarves and Army Stars

Do you enjoy being comfortable?  Do you like wearing all black?  Do you like flats?  Then this look is for you.  Let’s start at the bottom, these loafers were a steal at Goodwill, with a cushioned sole and adorable tassle details, great for walking.  Shorts are elastic waisted with wide bottoms that make it almost look like a short, but still allow you to move around.  Shirt is a crop top I made from an old t-shirt, that shows off some skin, but is comfy to boot.  Threw on my trusty army jacket for warmth, a long necklace for a simple touch, red earrings in the shape of cherries to match the print on the shorts, and a big silk bow to top it off.

I’m so into being blonde, seriously, it’s great.

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