Cranes In The Sky

Another successful Pitchfork comes to an end with a simple look and a jaw-dropping finale performance by Solange Knowles.  Did I cry?  Yes, I totally teared up.  This isn’t just a singer, she’s a performer, a writer, and a choreographer.  It wasn’t just singing, she put on an elaborate show, with a full brass section, back up dancers, and musicians in tow.  I waited patiently all day for her, and it was worth it.  I feel so lucky to have been in the presence of such a down-to-earth, yet divinely talented individual.

For the look, I decided to keep it simple.  I was going to go for a full holographic look, but decided against it.  I found this dress at St Vinny’s, brand new with tags.  What a find!  It fits like a damn glove, and the lace detail down the front shows off just the smallest amount of  my chest piece.  To keep the starkness of the dress as the centerpiece, I added gold bangles to bring out the gold of my sunnies, and my headpiece.  I got this headpiece back in Munich, and the gem in the center matched perfectly with my lipstick.  When wearing all white it’s fun to add subtle details, whether bright or subdued.  I wanted my head accessories to stand out, and I did just that.

What was your favorite look from the weekend?  Let me know in the comments below!

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