This dress was one of the options I had for Pitchfork, but was beaten out by some other outfits.  I scooped this dress up at St Vinny’s, as always, and it hit all the marks on my summer dress checklist:

  1. Is it a light and flowy fabric?
  2. Is the dress long enough to cover my bum?
  3. Are the colors appropriate for the season?
  4. Can I wear it to a multitude of activities?

In summer I’ve found that yes, you do need to follow these guidelines because otherwise you’ll end up with heavy fabric that you sweat through, you bum popping out at every turn, super dark colors that attract sun, and outfits that make it so you can’t participate in activities.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy out of season clothes, like a winter dress in summer, but avoid it if necessary because things like weight fluctuations can make it so you never get the chance to wear it.

Due to the amazing color palette of this dress, I opted for different colors from the dress to accent elsewhere in the look, such as the orange of my shoes, the blue of the lipstick, and the purple of the cuff bracelet.  When wearing something this colorful grey/silver accessories are a great way to keep the whole look brighter, rather than black which will give you a vampier look.  In that case opt for some black boots, black hat, and black jewelry.  Do you have a perfect summer dress?  Did it fit my dress checklist or what do you use to find that dope AF summer look?


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