Rose Tinted Glasses

Don’t break, don’t break my heart, and I won’t break your heart-shaped glasses~  Why does that Marilyn Manson song play on my head in repeat when I wear these sunnies?  Can’t help it.  I’m feeling very artist chic in this, maybe it’s the beret?

Let’s break this bitch down.  Alright, so for the centerpiece of this look I wanted the top to be the focus, it’s from Ethnic in Pakistan, and if you can’t really tell from the photo, the sleeves are all embroidered, so the entire design is stitched, while the body is printed.  I love, love, love, the intricacy of this top and thus decided to showcase it by wearing simple black high waisted shorts with a silver button detailing.  I opted for accessories to match because I feel that it’s super high fashion to match your hat and sunglasses.  So I did these pink heart sunnies with my pink beret. I then went for silver chandelier earrings for a muted color, and my shoes are from Chinese Laundry,  and matched this top almost perfectly.  Sometimes it’s fun to clash, and sometimes it’s fun to just match like crazy.  This top is literally perfect for warm weather as it is a super breathable fabric, and designed to be worn in Pakistan’s scorching heat.  10/10 would rock all the time.

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