Not My Italian Adventure

So my mom got to go on the trip of a lifetime to Italy with one of her childhood best friends, and I started a new job and worked the whole time.  We completely switched roles and I think it’s wonderful that she got to do something for herself. My mom works harder than anyone I know and having time off to just explore and enjoy life is what she needed.  She did sadly lose her phone, meaning she has no photos, and every photo ever was saved on that phone. So if you know my mom and have photos from the last few years that she might enjoy, please send them to her! Then I will teach her how to back up everything so it never happens again.

Anyway, this looks was built around this new top that my mom gifted me from her trip. You know your mom is the best when she just nails gifts for you. Since it is such a dramatic top, and the weather was still nice, I opted for my bronze pleated skirt rather than black leggings. Since the top was the attention-getter of the look, I decided to do black flats and my black hat, with earrings that are ombre black and bronze. Sometimes when you want to wear a new piece it’s best to experiment with a few of your personal pieces.  This top has the potential to be mixed with so may other items in my closet, and you’ll definitely see this top again this fall.

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