10 Essential Horror Movies I’m Ashamed to Say I Haven’t Watched

The first horror movie I ever saw was the original IT, when I was far too young to be watching it.  That made me beyond terrified of clowns, and horror films for the longest time.  So when I was reintroduced to horror movies, The Saw franchise to be exact, I had skipped all the important films.

I have seen all the parodies and understand all of the homages to these films, but have never properly sat down and watched them, and I feel I can’t truly call myself a fan of horror until I’ve seen them.

The Exorcist

Something about exorcism movies has never been appealing to me. But recently I did watch an amazing film called Ava’s Posession, and I enjoyed it enough, that I’m willing to give this a chance.  All I know is it’s about a girl who gets possessed, does lots of creepy and disgusting things such as pee herself, projectile vomit, climb down the stairs backwards, and spin her head around.  But I am determined to give it a chance.

The Omen

Another film about a creepy kid.  I have seen the exact parody of this on Netflix, called Little Evil, and I also found it to be a great balance of horror and comedy. In opposition I know very little about this movie.  Is he possessed? Is he creepy AF? Is he dad the devil?  These are questions I feel I could easy find online, but will one day take the time to find out for myself.


What I know about this film:  There is a house built on an ancient Indian burial ground and the angry spirits manifest as a poltergeist and fuck with the family and terrorize them.  Was I close? Did I basically get all the details? Not going to lie, it was that episode of Family Guy that tipped me off. I swear the show just straight up steals plot lines. The strange thing is I love ghost movies, so why this has fallen off my radar is strange to me.

Rosemary’s Baby

I had a conversation with some friend back in high school who disliked this movie, so I never watched it.  They also enjoy horror movies, so I took their word on it and never even bothered to watch it.  I think this movie is about a lady who gets pregnant with the devil?  Maybe? I could be wrong, I really know nothing more than the title and that she has a pixie cut that is really back in style. Is it worth watching? I’d love some feedback on this one.


Like this is the OG vampire movie, and I wanted to watch it, I really did, but just couldn’t force myself to sit down and watch it.  I know nothing about it, but if it’s been viewed as often as I think it has, I should really give it a chance, no?

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

There was a song I used to listen to about Dr Caligari, by Abney Park, and yet I haven’t seen this.  This I feel I have an excuse not to have seen as it is rather hard to find. I don’t know anything about this particular film except it is essential for true horror fans.  Have you seen it? Is it worth the hype?


All I know is I think the bad guys name is Pinhead, and there was an homage to him in Cabin in the Woods.  What I think I know about this movie is that this guy is from hell and he’s about to fuck some people up.  Is it just gore porn, or is there a story line? One day I’ll know.


I think what makes me so upset about this film is that it’s about bullying. The time I would have watched this, I wasn’t in a healthy enough mental state to witness someone who was severely bullied going off the deep end.  I know the entire premise of the film: girl is bullied, they vote her as queen as a joke, pour a bucket of pigs blood on her, this awakens ESP powers, she goes and fucks them all up. I think I’m of sound enough mind at this point in my life to watch it.  I do feel guilty this one has slipped between the cracks.

Cannibal Holocaust

The OG gore porn is this film right here.  Literally banned in most countries for its portrayal of violence and cannibalism.  I can’t even imagine how difficult it will be to track down a high quality version of this film to watch. I feel like this is the poster that horror fanatics brag about to people who don’t care. But I am seriously on a mission to find and watch this, if you’ve found it where was it? Drop the link or info in the comments below.

Child’s Play

Something about motherfucking haunted toys I just can’t do it. Especially small kids toys, I mean to me this doesn’t even seem scary, but more stupid.  If you’ve ever seen Dead Silence, with the ventriloquist dolls, it reminds me of this. It has some jump scares but is more disturbing at the premise that it is a kids toy. Are these movies even worth my time and energy? Probably not. But I’ve never seen them so it’s not fair to make a judgment.


How many of the films that I listed have you seen? What otherwise essential horror movies haven’t you seen? I would love input on where to watch some of these, or if they’re even worth watching. I haven’t limited time and I always get upset when I watch a horror movie that ends up leaving me disappointed.

Have a Happy Halloween and get your horror movie binge on this weekend before it’s November, what!?

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