Let’s Drink a White Claw and Destroy the Concept of a “Dream Job”

One of my most vivid memories from childhood was in kindergarten, where we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. There was every answer ranging from police officer to a dog. I remember drawing a scientist, crudely. There was a lab coat, and beakers and vials. Looking back it’s comical to me that thinking today, I never could have be a scientist, mad or not.

I was always drawn towards the arts, writing and reading were just something I was more passionate about. One summer I literally did nothing but read, I would walk to the library, fill my entire backpack with books, walk home, read all the books, and repeat. So it’s not so surprising to see that I started a blog, or that I earned a degree in English Literature. Yet growing up I have been mocked mercilessly by the media and by others for wanting a career with my English degree. I even started out college initially attempting to double major in English and Business so it “wouldn’t be completely useless.”

By the end of high school and starting my university time I wanted to be a book editor. I wanted to be able to help create timeless works of fiction that millions would read, and be able to encourage the dreams of writers everywhere. I never thought I could be a writer myself. It’s so strange, I didn’t give myself any credit, I didn’t even allow myself to try, because I was convinced I would fail. I blame this on the idea of a “Dream Job.”

Throughout your entire life you’re told over and over again that “You’ll never work a day in your life if you love your job.” And fuck that. At some point we just have to accept that a “Dream Job” doesn’t exist for all of us, and that’s okay. Stop cramming false hope down the throats of children and young adults, tricking us into expensive degrees that amount to nothing. People always shit on blue collar workers, but looking back, I wish I would have gone to trade school. Maybe I could have been a plumber or an electrician, and helped people!

I think we all need to kill this idea of finding a perfect job because it tears us down mentally and emotionally. Applying for job after job that needs 8 years experience and a Master’s degree by the age of 20. I know we have all been there, except those lucky few who were hired fresh out of college and are still in that same job kicking ass. It really sucks. I wish I could just walk up to the hiring mangers and explain that, I may not look great on paper, but I will do the work and I’ll do it well.

After months of applying, and draining my bank account being drained I have accepted a level of defeat. As much as I would love to have a job that I was passionate about and could wake up every morning proud of what I do, it’s also okay to not have that. If I have a simple job that pays well, gives me a healthy work/life balance, and I still have time to write, create, and travel, isn’t that just as good? If anything isn’t that better? We’re all working ourselves to death, and we can’t deny that. We push and push and push until our bodies literally give up and die.

When I managed the greenhouse and worked seven days a week from open to close, I made it a few months and then I got sick. I got so sick that I couldn’t work for a week. I was physically unable to leave my bed. That’s not healthy, it’s not okay. I actually really loved that job too, but I pushed my body to a breaking point.

If you’re looking at a job, or currently have a job that isn’t good for your health, consider quitting. Find a job that is less stressful, more balanced, and allows you to focus on what you love. Whether that means you don’t work until 9 am and are able to workout every morning, or you get done at 4 pm and can write a chapter of your book every night, or you have weekends off to travel with your significant other. We have been blinded by this idea of work bringing us joy, and forget what actually brings us happiness.

Who cares if your job “sucks” by everyone else’s standards. They don’t matter. You matter. The person working at McDonald’s may come home smelling like french fries, but they’re paying the bills and have a flexible work schedule. The person who works at the DMV helping you renew your license works for the state and has great benefits. It’s odd to just stop and think about why I have so vehemently worked my ass off to apply to jobs I really want, because for the most part I never hear back. Not a single e-mail or phone call, just an empty void of no contact. Yet the jobs I apply to on a whim, or halfheartedly and out of desperation, they get back to me right away with kind e-mails or requests for phone interviews.

Maybe my perfect fit of a job is going to be perfect for other reasons? So here we are again, applying for jobs that interest me again, but also some that give a level of stability. I know that’s what I need to succeed.

I need weekends off more than once a month.

I need to be able to get off work before 10 pm so I’m not so exhausted I can’t do anything besides go to sleep.

I need to be able to have ample time to work on creative ventures such as blogging.

I need time to run errands! Buy food, cook dinner, spend time with my cat.

I need to have time to be lazy, and not do anything at all.

I have a challenge for all of you today, I want you to stop and see if your job is your “Dream Job.” Are your days rewarding, do you feel passionate and challenged? Was this the job you always wanted when you were a kid? Tell me in the comments down below, what do you do?

Did you answer no to these questions? What are you doing now? Is it mindless? Are you miserable every single day? But, are you able to do the things you love? Do you get to spend time with your special humans? Do you get to rock climb or rollerblade? Do you get to read books or watch cool TV shows and now fall asleep? ARE YOU HAPPY?

Then who fucking cares if it was your dream job when you were five. We are a transitional generation, and it shows. We were told to go the university, we were told to not start families, we were told to get married, we were told to too much shit that is all conflicting and DAMN FAM. Like lemme figure my shit out before you tell me everything I did was wrong, ya know?

Ya’ll I’m White Claw drunk at this point, but let me end this with the fact that, we all have no idea what’s happening. But let’s just find the small moments that make us happy, if that means working a dank job! Fuck yeah. If it means working a mediocre job but having a great bit of time off, let’s do it. I love you all, and I really have to pee.

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