About Me

I’m Saba a fashion, beauty, and travel blogger.  I work full time and spend all my spare moments working on my blog.  A lot of love and energy goes into all my pieces so please enjoy!  It may seem like my posts are all over the place but I enjoy writing about my life, my opinions, and my feminist beliefs. This is a no-holds-barred place for me to express myself.

I spent months stalling and not starting this blog with a list of excuses as long as my arm. My dear friend Falco Liebau was the one who helped set all of this up and make it wonderful, without his support and love this wouldn’t exist. The final thing that held me back was that I didn’t have a catchy blog name.  Name inspiration eventually came from the delectable Armando Rojas, who described me as his Psychedelic Lover.  After that the rest is history.

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