Feeling Nostalgic

I almost made it through the month of February without a new playlist!  That would have been the worst, I’m sure you would all have been completely crushed.  To make up for it I whipped this little guy together on Monday.  I have been feeling completely uninspired by my music lately, I just am in […]

Not My President

I decided to create a playlist because this Saturday myself and thousands of women in the state of Wisconsin will be participating in a “Women’s March on Madison.”  I think this is something that everyone who can participate in, should do.  Show the women in your life that they are important, their health and reproductive […]

Call Me Cuffed

Holiday playlists are overrated and if you work retail you’ve heard Mariah Carey so many times you know that all you want for Christmas is to slap a bitch.  So I made an even better playlist, an R&B Slow Jam haven for all you out there who have found a partner for cuffing season.  It […]

Makin’ Whoopee

My last post was my 100th post!  How crazy is that?  I want to thank everyone who has been with me since the beginning and everyone who has just found me, thank you so much.  Anyway, last night I had a dinner date with my dear friend Claire, which was much needed.  Then we snuck […]

Feelin’ Myself

So my time of month rolls around and my sex drive is at its’ highest while my partners drop off the face of the earth.  Sex during periods is still somewhat taboo, which seems silly to me, I mean let’s be honest, what’s more metal than using your blood as lubrication during sexual intercourse!?  Too […]

Sexy Heyyyy

You all thought I had forgotten for this month, didn’t you!  But no, I have returned to create the next playlist you didn’t know you were going to have sex to tonight.  This creation was designed because I thought making a Birthday Sex playlist was far too predictable, so instead I went in a completely […]

Pitchfork’s Sexiest

What I love about Pitchfork Music Festival is that I go in knowing about half of the bands and artists who are performing.  The festival is divided by three stages, Green, Red, and Blue.  Usually about two stage will be staggered so in theory one person would be able to see every single act, but […]

Headbangers & Motherfuckers

Andddddd we’re back with the second installment of Songs to Get Down and Dirty To.  This playlist was inspired by my mohawk years that were filled with gel, combat boots, and safety pins.  Punk music will never be dead for me, so this list honors a genre that doesn’t get as much love as it […]